Cleverly Hilarious Minimalistic WTF Posters By Estudio Minga

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Estudio Minga  is a creative studio based in Argentina. They started a project called WTF and with gaining popularity they had to come up with WTF2 as well.  What makes this achievement even better, is that it was started just for fun. These posters are very minimal, and yet cleverly executed with funny imaginations. You can also buy these posters from their online shop for $19 each.

WTF is an expression that somehow manages to be one of the most trending topic on Twitter and in our lives as well. Most people use a question mark afterwards to get the point through. Rather than using the same term for the other ‘w’s, who, when, where, and why, it makes more sense to actually state the word and follow it with ‘tf.’ We hope you will enjoy the following illustrations and spread the word!

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Vai @ Estudio Minga

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