30 Creative And Funny 404 Error Pages For your Inspiration

Posted on May 1, 2012 by


The purpose of most of the websites is to try and keep the visitor on the site, to try and increase the average time of the visitor staying on the website. But, what if the visitor gets lost onto pages that do not exist on your site. Even when a visitor is lost on your site you could easily keep them entertained and busy by creating some really funny and entertaining 404 Error Pages. 404 error pages are quite famous around the web. Whenever a URL does not exists on the site a 404 error page pops up. The default page is just too boring to look at. It does not give any option to try and keep visitor on the site. Instead, web companies nowadays come up with some really stunning 404 error pages which not only say “Hey, you are on the wrong page!”, but also give various other options to do.

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