The funny side of advertising: 20 amusing and clever print advertisements

Posted on April 25, 2012 by


One of the industries that have tremendously improved for the past years is advertising. People have become smarter and more reasonable when it comes to choosing their brand, thanks to the power of marketing and persuasion brought by this field. The buying skills of shoppers have developed and many have recognized which products are worth the price or not.

Even when advertising can be taken as a whole subject that shows what your business has to offer, this tool has various branches that could help you reach the right market. Here is where print advertisements like flyers or posters would belong.

Print ads are more affordable and effective in getting noticed by your customers. You just need to make these appealing and eye-catching for people to stop and take a look on what you have to say. Being quirky or funny is one way of making these items attractive and worth the attention.

To give you a quick view on the impact that amusing and humorous print advertisements can bring, here are 20 creative samples:

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